• My Artlab from a distance

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    My Artlab from a distance

    This year and possibly next My Artlab is taking time to move to Belgrade, my hometown. This is a big move but one that was necessary at this time because of new work and education opportunities for my family. As soon as the right space and fit are found My Artlab hopes to grow and [&hellip...


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    My Artlab Summer Camp is  back in our Leslieville home garden and studio this summer. We are set on running as fun and as creatively challenging programs as ever and hope to see old and new friends join us. Besides being wildly creative, this year we will need to pay more attention to discipline and [&hellip...

  • Fall Classes 2020

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    Fall Classes 2020

    This Fall My Artlab, private art studio for children in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood is happy to offer its regular programs, classes, PA Day Camps and Birthday Parties. My Artlab passionately believes in nurturing creativity in all children through unique and engaging programs and is dedicated to ensuring and providing the best possible environment for the programs [&hellip...

  • Summer Camp Projects

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    Summer Camp Projects

    My Artlab ran five wonderful weeks of art camps this summer and I am so proud of projects and accomplishments. Small group of six children spread out over our garden and spacious studio and set out to bring to life fantastic ideas. Each project is also a story and I am sorry that I cannot [&hellip...

  • COVID 19 Update

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    COVID 19 Update

      Dear Parents, I am hoping that your families are keeping safe and healthy during this time. I am waiting for Stage 2 Reopening of Economy Announcement expected to come in on May 29th to give you any accurate information regarding Summer Camps at My Artlab. In the meantime please let me know if there [&hellip...

  • Potato Print Landscape

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    Potato Print Landscape

    POTATO PRINT LANDSCAPE MATERIALS: Paper: Construction paper  or Bristol board of different colours, smaller sizes for testing (8.5X11) and larger paper for the final print (you can put 2 11X17 papers together to make a larger one or 22X24 or so works great!) Paint: Tempera or acrylic paint. If you have tempera make sure it [&hellip...

  • My Favourite Clothes Art Project

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    My Favourite Clothes Art Project

    My Favourite Clothes Art Project There are endless ways this project can be done. Images show two different paths just to give an idea. They were completed over the course of two days. First day is sketching and preparing day (for example 60-90min), second day is final project day (60-90min). Take time and no rush. [&hellip...

  • Summer Camps 2020

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    Summer Camps 2020

    At My Artlab summer camps are a way for your child to explore art and make friendships through group projects, games and outside time in nearby parks. Each week a new theme brings on a new challenge and focus on different skill and technique. Over the course of the week children develop a projects that [&hellip...

  • Spring Classes 2020

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    Spring Classes 2020

    This spring at My Artlab, children’s art studio in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood creative challenges and inspiration await. Our endlessly vibrant, bright space is full of creative possibilities and all kinds of materials, pictures and books to spark your child’s imagination. Click on CLASSES to register...

  • Winter Classes 2020

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    Winter Classes 2020

    This winter in our colourful warm studio in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood we evoke the beauty of the great outdoors in the cold, the animal worlds in the wild and the worlds of adventure and fun in the mountains. We take winter white as an invitation to make something new, something different, something unexpected, and magical! [&hellip...