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    Winter Classes at My Artlab promise to keep children busy inventing, solving, enjoying and learning from great creative challenges. The process from a little idea to a conceptual sketch to fully realized projects of all sizes and kinds, captures the imagination of children and their parents alike. Our vibrant and flexible studio accommodates all kinds [&hellip...

  • P.A. Day December 1

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    P.A. Day December 1

    Friday December 1 there is a PA Day Camp at My Artlab! Children will take a break from school and escape into the world of imagination and at My Artlab. We will think of and look at images of all sorts of towers in art and architectures and build our own trying to make them [&hellip...

  • Fall Classes 2017

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    Fall Classes 2017

    Fall Classes at My Artlab harness the wonderful summer experiences and adventures into art projects that capture the imagination of children and their parents alike. Our vibrant and flexible studio accommodates all kinds of age appropriate activities starting with crawling babies to toddlers to preschoolers to school age children. Award winning set and costume designer [&hellip...

  • Summer Camps 2017

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    Summer Camps 2017

    Get your children spending a creative summer at My Artlab’s vibrant studio and garden in Leslieville. Children will be guided to realize their own imaginative solutions to create large and small projects inside the studio and outside in the garden. Summer Camp at My Artlab is about keeping balance between the focus and concentration while [&hellip...


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    In winter classes at My Artlab children continue to imagine fantasy, discover wonder of paint and colour, observe, record and measure space and objects around them, discover a hiding spot, a soft spot, a reflective spot, and a perfect spot to sit down and begin drawing out their story. Every line, every mark, every gesture [&hellip...

  • P.A. Day Camps

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    P.A. Day Camps

    P.A. day camps at My Artlab are a great way for children to spend the day off from school and get reconnected with their most imaginative and creative side. Over the course of the day children are guided to plan and realize an art project which is presented to parents at the end of the [&hellip...


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    With the summer art camps full and almost ready to go, our fantastic renovation completed, garden in full bloom, studio full of bright lights we are ready to look forward to the upcoming fall. Registration is now open for the fall art classes in our Leslieville art studio. As always when fall comes around we [&hellip...


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    Summer fun is on our minds and the excitement is building! Making art outside in our East Toronto children’s art studio garden, singing songs, climbing on the rock climbing wall inside the studio, concocting fantastic art project suprises for parents and making one of a kind performances for them. All this and much more is [&hellip...

  • March Break Camp 2016

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    March Break Camp 2016

    ON THE WINGS OF A DRAGON My Artlab camps blend art, drama and physical exercise through yoga and rock climbing on our wall. This march break children imagine a fantasy adventure story while inspired by dragon imagery and far away locations from around the world. Together they will create a small presentation using and animating [&hellip...

  • Spring Classes 2016

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    Spring Classes 2016

    This spring at My Artlab children continue to explore, create and invent the creative possibilities in My Artlab studio and in the garden as the weather becomes warmer. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers are gently introduced to the basic art making materials and techniques and encouraged to steer the course of their own artistic explorations while [&hellip...